aloha friday


48 hours in Vegas apparently means 5 days of recovery in this neck of the woods.  But getting to see my nearest and dearest, dance with B until the early morning and day drink while watching USA rugby games made the long plane flights and the barley-any-sleep nights worth every second. Since getting back, this week has been a dead sprint and most of the usual meal planning was instead picking up a salad or veggie sandwich in between meetings. While I am always grateful for a full and busy life, the finish line of a full and busy week sometimes never comes fast enough.  Thankfully, in the madness I had some major assists for fun things to share with you on this Aloha Friday (credit Chris, Chris, B)…

° “I love Jesus, but I drink a little“-Gladys from Austin, Texas. I just can’t watch this enough times.

º Or this- pregnant surfer! Chris was one of the biggest supporters of me moving to Hawaii (and Hawaii + outdoors in general) AND she recently gave birth to beautiful baby girl, so this video could not be more fitting.

° This fun video for Love This Town by Dizzee Rascal takes random acts of kindness to the next level. Wait for it to drop at 1:40, and 3:12 is my absolute favorite.

I had huge plans to bring you some delicious Super Bowl dishes options- & if a big night of sleep does the trick, you might hear about one of these again tomorrow morning- but in the meantime check out these great {vegan} options for party food this weekend from some wonderful bloggers: avocado fries, jalapeño poppers, & salted marcona chocolate rice crispies (may also double for V-day! Too soon?)

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and you’re gearing up for a good weekend with time to relax, recoup and cheer for whomever during the big game this weekend (as a Texan, I’ll probably be cheering loudest for the chips & dip) xoxo


One thought on “aloha friday

  1. Jenny says:

    Finally catching up on your awesome thoughts! Can we go back to Vegas please… but with more naps this time? Love the Avocado fries idea… adding that to my menu this weekend :*

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