chocolate and cherry energy bites

I’ve had a love/love relationship with energy bars for a long time. I grew up rushing between sports practices and school and work and whatever else, and they kept me up and going. My long term relationships have included: granola bars (peanut butter, honey & oats, cinnamon- a true connoisseur), Luna bars, Chewy granola bars, Chocolate Chip PB Clif Bars, Kind Bars…like a song on repeat, I loyally stick with my new favorite flavor and eat it non-stop for about a year until I cannot for one more second (I still think of you, Almond Coconut KIND Bars).

Recently I’ve been gearing up for some upcoming tris, and a local coach urged the group I cycle with to make homemade snacks for the road, with the idea they were healthier and fresher then what is in stores. Inspired by some of the girls natural treats- from pb&js to sweet potatoes- I paged through one of my favorite vegan blogs, Oh She Glows, and found these Dark Chocolate Cherry energy bites.


They were quick and easy to make, and delicious with a Larabar-like consistency. I purposefully processed mine so it had a crunchier consistency. Another small tweak, I used Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips (dairy, nut, & soy free) in place of dark chocolate and sour cherries because they are a personal favorite.


These bites are perfect for a go-along snack and I normally take 3-4 along during a workout. An added bonus is saving some grocery money and a stroll down the energy bar isle- a batch of these bites lasted me about 5 long rides. Turns out, all the energy was {so} necessary for pre-ride tire changing, mid-ride picture snaps, and post-ride refueling.



Happy trails 🙂 Do you have any favorite energy boosters?

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