roasted tomato gazpacho

Just seeing pictures of snow makes me want soup.  and grilled cheese. and hot coco, with a touch of bourbon. and nachos? yeah, definitely nachos.

since my instagram is filled with a lot of my favorites bundled in scarfs and boots and buried in white stuff, I met the east coast winter and perpetual hawaii summer in the middle with this roasted tomato {vegan} gazpacho with plum salsa, all inspired by The Tomato Tart’s gazpacho and plum salsa goodness. I followed her instructions to the letter.

I started it off with a tomato roast- with heirlooms hard to come by, I slathered my romas in basil olive oil and set them to roast for 4 hours at 200.

Then chopping, browning, and blending to make this hearty, delicious, and super colorful dish.

I love making soups because they have so much mileage behind them- one Sunday afternoon of work is good for a week of lunch and dinner, and that last serving on the Friday always has the most robust flavor to end the week on a high note.

Pairings: Avocado Kale Super Simple salad, and Anderson Valley Highway 128 Blood Orange Gose (which I am slightly obsessed with).

Call this my petition for spring.

Do you have any favorite soups?

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