meet marybeth

Hello! My name is Marybeth. My vegan journey started when one of my closest friends encouraged me to watch and read some plant based lit. This reading was followed with a few experimental recipes, then a vegan week, which turned into a vegan month…and now, a mostly vegan lifestyle. My commitment to becoming more and more plant based was a mix of being more informed, enjoying the style of cooking, and most importantly, how strong and healthy it made me feel. Now I strive for a mostly vegan lifestyle, peppering in the occasional fish dish on date night with B. or the required flank steak when back in Texas.

My story with food wasn’t unusual for many girls- I grew up bouncing between diets, far more interested in being thin than healthy. I ate the traditional American fare, and firmly believed meals were not complete without meat, no matter if I felt full or not. I loved late-night burritos, and struggled to balance them with boring salads and long runs. I didn’t know how to find the intersection of healthy and delicious; in fact, I didn’t really know it existed. The relationship I had with food was tense at best, and I spent a lot of time worrying about it. It took until my late 20s, and a serious education, to begin to understand and enjoy a food.

My number one taste tester and partner in crime, B, ends up in most of my pictures when he isn’t deployed somewhere. I hope you enjoy reading (hi mom!) and check back often, posting comments if you feel like it! xoxo

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